Contact -

You can reach the MRHS by mail or email.

The email address is:

By postal mail it's:

PO Box 392

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 USA


MRHS Information -

We maintain a mailing list for information about MRHS activities including operating events and station schedules.  It's a low volume so it won't clog your inbox.  If you'd like to subscribe just send a message to:

Reception Reports -

Reception reports may be sent to:

PO Box 392

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 USA

Visits -

It is possible to visit the KPH/KSM transmit and receive sites but we request that you contact us before coming.  The sites are pretty remote and we'd hate to have you make a long drive only to find nobody there.  Our normal day at the station is Saturday.  We can accommodate groups too but only with plenty of advance notice to allow us to make proper arrangements.  We look forward to seeing you!

Operate KPH or K6KPH -

If you have a Radiotelegraph license of any class you can "sit the circuit" at KPH and have your license endorsed for operation at a commercial coast station.  If you know the code you can operate K6KPH, no license required.  Bring your own key and earphones or use ours.