Kahuku, TH (Territory of Hawaii)

Kahuku was the Hawaiian equivalent of Bolinas High Power.  It started as one of the stations of the Marconi system with a 230kW rotary spark gap transmitter.  It was absorbed by the RCA after WWI.  The rotary gap was replaced by Alexanderson alternators in 1920.  One of the two Alexanderson alternators at Bolinas was shipped to Kahuku during WWII.

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Power house.

Power house.

Power house.  No steam equipment remaining.

Power house, no steam equipment remaining.

Remains of original 300kW rotary gap spark transmitter, 1931.

Condensers from the 300kW rotary gap spark transmitter.

Condensers from 300kW spark transmitter.

300kW steam turbine and 500 cycle alternator for 300kW rotary spark gap transmitter, in storage.

Alexanderson alternators still in place but with no antennas.  Engineers may be seen at work in both office areas.  Note Klaxon type warning horn atop office to right.

Shielded room or office.  Alexanderson alternator to left.

Alexanderson alternator magnetic amplifier.

Alexanderson alternator tuning coil house.

Alternator tuning coil house and downlead frame.  No antenna remaining.  Cooling tower in background.

Antenna insulators and corona shields from KIE, Alexanderson alternator transmitter.  KIE operated on 18kc (16,670 meters).

Speech input equipment.  Picture was taken in totally dark room with photoflash lamp.

Overview of high power antenna switching and tuning equipment.

Antenna field.

Antenna field.

Antenna field.

Wooden antenna mast being erected, antenna wires attached.

Obsolete equipment and parts in storage.

Motor generator sets and switch panels.

HF Transmitters

HF Transmitters, closeup.

HF transmitters, right view.

High voltage power distribution.

Parts and equipment storage.

High voltage transformers, oil tank to right.

HF transmitter - new arrival or being shipped out.

HF transmitters.

HF transmitters, overhead termination frame on left.

HF transmitters with overhead cranes.  Engineer's shielded office to right.

HF transmitters, closeup.

HF transmitters with overhead termination frames.

Overall view, HF transmitters, power supply and engineer's shielded office.  Alternators are out of frame to left.

Motor generator sets.

Water cooled transmitter stage.

Water pumps.