KGH Hillsboro, OR

KGH was located in Hillsboro, Oregon along with coast station KEK (see Historic Coast Stations for KEK information). Both were owned by the Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company.  KGH used type A (arc) emission on 34.5kc, 47.5kc and 71.26kc plus 17 other frequencies in the HF bands using A2 emission.  The station was in operation from 0700 to 2300gmt.  

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The KGH transmitting station was built in 1921 and contained one 60kW arc, two 30kW are and one 10kW spark transmitter. This photo was taken in 1927.

One 60kW and one 30kW loading coil for the arc transmitters with keying relays and keying resistors between them.  Note the antenna feed through arrangement for the 60kW arc.  

Interior of the KGH/KEK receiving station at Council Crest, OR, near Portland.  The point to point receivers are in the foreground, the KEK marine receivers in the background.  All receivers were Kolster designed TRF sets using loop antennas.  Note the crank wheels below the table for controlling the loops.

Outside view of the receiving station showing the loop antennas and the control linkage operated by the crank wheels inside.