First QSO with KPH - by Denis OBrien N2JJF

I joined the Marconi Marine Co in March 1970 as the 2nd r/o onboard the
steam ship " Bencruachan". The chief r/o just had me do the listening watch
enroute from London to Panama. After the Canal I decided it was time for me
to contact a coast station on my own for the first time. The bridge handed
me an OBS message. I powered on the Crusader transmitter and started calling
KPH on 8Mhz. I got an immediate response and moved to the working freq where
I successfully transmitted the OBS message. It was such a great feeling. I
had actually transmitted my first message from the ship without any
assistance. So KPH coast station will always be remembered by me as being my

I spent 2 years with Marconi Co and then became a freelance R/.O working
with various foreign flag companies. My last 7 years were spent with the
Sanko Marine Co from Japan working on their oil tankers..
Some of the ships I sailed on were:

Arabian Addax, Manhattan Duke, Pageantry, Brilliancy,
Sanko Crest, Sanko Trust, Kavo Delfini, Al Mansouriah, Reefer Merchant,
Virginia Star, Landwade, Maritime Resource, Cape Ray, Cape Sear, Hamburger

All in all I had 14 years at sea and I can honestly say the R/O had the best
job onboard.

Denis OBrien N2JJF