NMQ - Long Beach, CA

USCG station NMQ was located Point Vincente, Palos Verdes Estates, near Long Beach, California.

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Exterior view of the station.

In this view of the main operating room of NMQ we see, left to right, ET1 Clarence R. Purbee workng on what may be a receiver while RM2 Robert C. Back and RM3 Tallie L.L. Cavaness stand watch on the radio and teletype circuits.

Here's a closeup of RN2 Back showing the Kleinschmidt perferator and Boehme keying head.

RM2 Back reaches for a key switch while RM3 Cavaness is busy on the teletype.  There's no key visible at Back's position but Cavaness has a bug and presumably the speed key certificate to go with it.  There's a Collins 51J-4 behind Cavaness but the two rather antique looking receivers in front of him seem to have gotten plenty of use judging from the wear marks on the front panels.  Perhaps this was the MF position and Back is at a supervisory position.

RM1 Carl W. Gibbs sends a teletype message regarding a pleasure craft in distress to the 11th Coast Guard District headquarters while RM3 Charles Vodraska is in the radiotelephone booth issuing weather warnings.

Here's a closer view of Gibbs and Vodraska.  Note the wire recorder in the rack in the radiotelephone booth and the great speakers built into the racks at the top.