Rocky Point

The Rocky Point transmitter site on the north shore of eastern Long Island, NY formed, along with the receive site at Riverhead, what was called "Radio Central" by RCA.  Radio Central was the site of cutting edge radio technology of the time.  A dozen Alexanderson alternators were installed here for intercontinental work.  Dr. Harold Beverage researched the characteristics of his wave antenna in the pine barrens surrounding the station.  It never seened possible at the time but Radio Central was eventually bulldozed and the Alexanderson antenna towers dynamited.

MRHS member Richard Dillman visited what was left at Rocky Point.  Despite the best effort of the despoilers, some articacts remained to be seen.

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Building 1 at Rocky Point, "RP" on the telegraph wire, was the main transmitter building, complete with cooling pond in front for the water cooled transmitters within.

This sign at the entry road proudly announced the station.

This deteriorated antenna base shows rusted threaded mounts on its top surface.

Another view of the antenna base.

A close up of the top surface of the base.

These bases were apparently for a four leg tower.

Lying silently in the woods this pole probably once held open wire antenna feedes.

This was the base ofr one of the tuning coils that were part of the Alexanderson multiple tuned antenna.  Bases of exactly the same design remain at the transmitting station in Bolinas.

Deep in the woods this debris field was discovered.  It contains the remains of the insulators that were used to suspend the Alexanderson antenna wires from the cross arms of the towers.

A colleague encountered by chance at the site hefts a part of one of the enormous insulators.