WPD, on the municipal pier at the port of Tampa, FL, was a privately owned coast station affiliated with RCA.  Check out the rare photos below.  That, my friends, is a true radio "shack"!

RO David Ring says of Don Berger, one time WPA op:

You are one excellent operator.  You never missed a call even when busy, I really admired that, and sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, I got a chance to hear you  all the time, and watch you in action.  Unbelievable how good you are.

And Don modestly relies:

Kind and welcome words DR !!  Thanks again.  Lots of credit goes to my wife Lil   We soon installed landlines for Telex and TWX so we could fwd messages to the addressee as quickly as the big guys.  That gave me more time to listen - she would add the addressee's Telex/TWX number to the address and away it went.    She also did all the local billing and collecting by actually visiting the Agents and Shipchandlers in Tampa.   RCA NY took care of all of our tfc from foreign flag vessels on the strength of the monthly statement that Lil made out.    
     Very 73 de Don



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