The MRHS Needs Your Help!

WRC-12 Recommendations May Put KSM Off The Air

Public comments in support of KSM Are Needed

But Time is short - the deadline for comments in 13 August 2010

Here's what's happening:

Every few years an international radio conference is held.  The next is the World Radio Conference 2012 (WRC-12).  The FCC is the US representative to these conferences.

For WRC-12 the FCC proposes to support recommendations that would make digital data dominant in the maritime service to such an extent that KSM and other stations could be forced off the air.

Here's what you can do:

In a Public Notice the FCC has solicited comments from the public regarding the recommendations to be supported at WRC-12.  You can file a comment on line to recommend that KSM and other stations using A1A (Morse code) and NBDP (Narrow Band Direct Printing or RTTY) be allowed to continue operation.

But time is short!

The deadline for filing comments is 13 August 2010.

If you'd like to help keep KSM on the air, follow these steps:

1. Read the FCC Public Notice HERE

2. Read the comments the MRHS has filed with the FCC HERE

3. File your comment on line in support of KSM.  You can do this by uploading a prepared document like the comments the MRHS has filed.  Or you can use an on-line form to file brief comments.

To file a prepared document go HERE. The proceeding number is 04-286

To file a brief comment go HERE . If proceeding number 04-286 is not listed click on the "click here" option to add it.

Suggested text:

If you wish to upload a prepared document like the comments the MRHS has filed we've provided suggested template for your use.  Add your own name and address and modify the text to include your own words as needed.  The template may be found HERE

If you wish to file a brief comment you might use wording similar to this:

My name is xxx xxxx.  I'm writing to support the comments filed by the Maritime Radio Historical Society (MRHS) regarding WRC-12.  Specifically, I agree with the MRHS position that the FCC should not support those portions of the recommendations for WRC-12 that would adversely effect MRHS station KSM and other stations in the maritime service.

Thanks very much for your support.  The current recommendations the FCC proposes to support are a direct threat to our continued operation of KSM.  Every comment made in our support is another step closer to the MRHS goal of keeping the skills, culture and traditions of maritime communications alive!

VY 73,