WVY - Presidio of San Francisco

WVY was a US Army station located in the Presidio of San Francisco, overlooking the Golden Gate.  It used A1 emission on 173kc and seven frequencies in the HF bands.

The WVY receiver and transmitter buildings still exist.  The receiver site has been converted to offices but "WVY" still proudly appears above the entry.

Two transmitter sites have been located on the Presidio.  Building 1444 is in the lower area of the fort and is in poor shape, although some antenna poles still stand.  The other building is located atop the highest point in the Presidio next to a tall free standing tower.  This building was used as a MARS station in a later incarnation.

MRHS member Richard Dillman recently photographed both buildings.  We present those photos here along with some vintage views of the station.


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Entry to the WVY operations building.

Entry to the WVY operations building, closeup.

Side wall of the operations building showing antenna attach points above small windows (similar to those at Building 2A in Bolinas) that were the antenna lead in ports.  The inside of these windows is hidden above modern drop ceilings.

Restricted area security sign is still in place in the basement area of the building.

Two story suspected transmitter building (later MARS station) atop the highest hill in the Presidio.

USAISC (United States Army Information Systems Command) sign still in place.

This separate brick building is immediately to the east of the larger building.

The stairs to the brick building are long gone.

The remains of a vertical on the east side of the larger building.

Four leg self supporting tower to the east of the larger building.  It was used for two way antennas but none appear to be in service now.

Building 1444 in the lower part of the Presidio is in sad shape.

Some of the antenna poles that once held the transmitting antennas are still in place.  After being used as a transmitter building, 1444 was used as a storage building for the post telecommunications service.

Building 1444 as seen from the short entry road.

Wide view of Building 1444 and grounds.  The area was once enclosed by a chain link fence but this has deteriorated over the years.