KHK, Wahiawa Radio, Oahu, TH (Territory of Hawaii)

KHK is listed as a station of the Mutual Telephone Company in the 1930 "Berne book" operating on 143lc, 163kc, 410kc and 500kc plus two frequencies in the HF bands.  By 1939 it had eight HF frequencies and was a 24 hour a day operation, still owned by Mutual Telephone.  The 1941 book shows KHK as a RCA station with the low frequency channels no longer listed.

KHK was the sister station of KPH to the west much in the same way that WCC was its sister station to the east.

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The main operating position (and doubtless the only position when this photo was taken) at KHK shows the IP-510 receiver above the op's desk (with the outboard audio amp to the right), the land line sounder, numerous knife switches and of course the mill.  The OM is wearing a pair of Western Electric 509 'phones, just as his brothers at KPH are shown wearing in the early photos of that station.

In this wider view the op relaxes a bit between calls.

This appears to be the rotary gap and the oscillation coils.  Since the gap appears to be devoid of any cover and operating in the open air it must have made quite a din.  

A radioman's poem by "Pop" Wilkins of KHK from the September 1946 issue of the "RCA Relay".