Panoramic Views of KPH/KSM Receive/Transmit Sites

In cooperation with the Point Reyes National Seashore, Bruce Ecker has taken some truly impressive panoramic views of the KPH/KSM transmit and receive sites.

We may eventually be able to post these here on the MRHS Web site.  For now we provide the links below that connect directly to his Web site.  Just use your BACK button to return to the MRHS Web site - although you may well get distracted by Bruce's other fantastic photos!

Note that you can not only pan and tilt but zoom in and out as well.  Be sure to tilt up in the transmitter gallery views to see the open wire antenna lines.  In the views of the CW operating room and Teletype workshop at the receive site, tilt up to see the insulating plates in the ceiling.  Copper bus bars descended through the three slots to connect to the batteries originally installed in these rooms.  The batteries powered the point-to-point receivers on the floor above.

Note: Flash plug-in, v9 or later, is required to see the panoramic images.

Transmit site control room, View 1

Transmit site control room, View 2

Transmitter gallery, View 1

Transmitter gallery, View 2

Transmit site workshop, View 1

Transmit site storeroom, View 1

Transmit site storeroom, View 2

Receive site CW operating room, View 1

Receive site CW operating room, View 2

Receive site SITOR room, View 1

Receive site, Teletype workshop and multicoupler cabinet, View 1

Receive site, antenna termination frame, View 1

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