WCC/WIM Cape Cod, MA

WCC began as Marconi station CC established in 1903 in South Wellfleet.  The famous four legged Marconi towers were a primary featire of the station.  These can be seen on American Marconi Co. stock certificates and in the MRHS logo.

WCC and its sister station WIM were called Marion Radio in the 1930s.  WCC operated on 117kc, 129kc, 141kc, 143kc (later 147kc) 406kc and 500kc as well as twelve frequencies in the HF bands.  WIM operated on 406kc and 500kc as well as eleven frequencies in the HF bands, almost all of which were shared with WCC. 

The site of the original station has almost completely disappeared into the Atlantic due to erosion.

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Wide view of the station showing the famous towere - and the bleak surroundings.

Closeup view of the station showing the great amount of guying needed as well as other details.

A happy station worker takes a walk along the duckboard walkway.  One of the twoers and what appears to be an antenna leadin bay be seen.

Log book number 5 of the Marconi point to point service at Cape Cod for 1919 - 1920.

The first page of log book number 5 with information about signal strenght and the number of words passed in a day.

The sign at the entry to stations WCC and WIM.

An early WCC operating room showing a large indoor loop antenna.

A closeup of the early WCC ops.

A later WCC operating room showing the operating positions, chalk board and message rack.

A closeup of the chalk board shows sister station KPH.

The message rack holds outgoing messages sorted by call sign.  Slots also exist for sister stations KPH and WOE.

WCC operator Doane at the mill with the message rack in the background.

WCC operators assemble for a photo.

NF, VW and and FH in the WCC wire room.

LM at the Teletype.

Beautiful photo of a classic WCC operating position.

WCC 500kc position in action.

Radiogram to RMS Queen Elizabeth/GBTT via WCC from 1949.  How many remember the ribald mnemonic radiomen used to use to remember the GBTT call letters?

Here's a closeup of the header and message.  Do you agree with the word count?

RCA "H" transmitters at WCC with field expedient building ventilation.

Beautiful photo of the interior of the WCC/WIM transmitter building showing RCA 40kW MF transmitter, the twin of BL-10 at KPH Bolinas, in the foreground.  We believe that this transmitter was used by WIM even though WCC was also authorized for MF.

Exterior of the WCC transmitter building with the 500kc tower in the background.

View of the WCC 500kc tower showing the tuning house at the base.  40kW into a base insulated tower in a salt marsh.  What a signal that produced!

View of the 500kc WCC antenna looking back towards the transmitter building.

Another view of the WCC 500kc tower showing some of the HF antennas as well.